Sunrise Or Sunset

” Everyday, We see sunrise and sunset which is daily routine phenomena. Spending our life watching it rising up or setting down isn’t about our life. Our life is about possessing new promises, new desires, new hopes with a new sunrise, and also accomplishing our promises to satisfy our desires, giving top edge to our hopes while the sunset. ”

  • Cheema








A Girl’s Conversation To Herself

Life never know
The way you show

I hope you could see
How the birds flee

I never decide
How will I have ride

You do it try
When you feel it right

I have some questions
Why don’t you answer

How do you feel
When you see me reel

I never gonna know
Why don’t you give me vow

I wish you were here
Or I could be there

Don’t take me wrong
I’m never that strong

– Cheema



IMG_6130Every morning is new beginning to get start with new assignments, new ideas and new strategy.

Morning be like the best of your life

Thus you never gonna regret Why didn’t you cut down your sorrows with knife.

Morning brings you a new hope

Which will led you to the highest top.

Don’t feel like you can’t survive this way

Life is the only thing which gets you New day.

I don’t mind if you lose today

I’ll be in deep pain if you regret for not doing it one day.

Life is short so just choose the path, where you want to reach

You will find the best way by giving life a chance to teach.

– Cheema




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